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Pat’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides solutions to the challenges of extreme weather in the Greater Lake Country Area. Maintaining optimum moisture levels through sophisticated humidifiers and dehumidifiers, we improve home comfort and health, while protecting furnishings and trimming monthly energy costs. As a family-oriented business, we build relationships with our customers, answering specific concerns with affordable and long-term solutions. Call on Pat’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 262-208-5829 for “Service That Exceeds Your Expectations” throughout Summit, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Hartland, Waukesha, Pewaukee, Brookfield, Dousman, Sussex, Okauchee Lake, Stone Bank, Ixonia, and Genesee, WI.

Expert Humidifier Installs and Service

The long, cold winters in the Greater Lake Country Area often result in overly dry indoor environments. A lack of necessary humidity is easy to overlook, yet threatens your health, comfort, home, and budget. Whole-home humidifiers install directly into existing HVAC equipment, operate silently, require little maintenance, handle any sized space, and effectively maintain optimum relative humidity.

Some of the harmful side effects of insufficient humidity include:

  • Health threats – Sore throats, bloody noses, chapped lips, dry skin, coughing, aggravated symptoms of asthma, allergy, psoriasis, and asthma are a few of the consequences of overly dry air. Not only do viruses thrive in dry conditions, but people are more vulnerable to illness.
  • Comfort – Because overly dry air feels colder, it leads to higher thermostat settings, increased energy usage, and higher heating bills. With proper humidification, you can adjust the thermostat several degrees lower without sacrificing comfort.
  • Property Damage – Overly dry air sucks moisture from everything it touches, including wood furnishings, often causing cracks.
  • Inconvenience – Static cling and static shock are the direct result of inadequate moisture in the air, and can cause damage to low voltage electronics.

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Efficient Dehumidifier Installation

Normal household activities, such as showering, cleaning, and cooking, can introduce as much as 25 lbs of moisture into the home every day. Damp, sticky air is more than unpleasant. Excessive humidity is harmful to health and home. While cooling systems are designed to regulate temperature, rather than combat humidity, dehumidifiers effectively maintain optimum moisture levels to protect against bacterial growth, condensation, sleepless nights, health threats, and lower thermostat settings. Whole-home options require little upkeep, are virtually silent, and adjust to your preferences.

Side effects of excess humidity include:

  • Health Risks – A damp environment is the ideal habitat for mold and mildew, dust mites, cockroaches, and centipedes. Combined with that muggy feeling, it leads to headache, lethargy, and aggravated symptoms of allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.
  • Breathing Issues – It’s actually more difficult to perspire in humid conditions. Because older adults and young children have more difficulty adjusting to excessive temperatures, they often have trouble breathing, suffer from rapid pulse, and become dehydrated.
  • Higher Monthly Costs – Overly damp air feels hot, leading to lower thermostat settings, overcooling from air conditioning, and higher energy costs.
  • Discomfort – It’s nearly impossible to relax, find comfort or get a good night’s rest in humid conditions.

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